Manama Internet Exchange Platform Records Strong Growth in Traffic and Data Exchange Since its Launch

September 10, 2020

Since the inception of Manama-IX (MN-IX) in June 2019, the platform has experience continuously strong growth in traffic and data exchange, supporting its strategic agenda of becoming a leading internet hub for the MENA region. The ongoing growth in traffic volume underscores the efforts of MN-IX to become a leading and highly reputable internet exchange as well as being internationally recognized as a digital gateway from the Middle East to the rest of the world.

The vision behind MN-IX is to contribute toward the development of internet services across the region including interconnecting regional Internet Exchanges, Cloud Service Providers, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and retaining regional traffic, leading to ultimately enhancing user experience. The platform has succeeded in attracting an elite group of regional and international players including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Zain Bahrain, Neutel Communications, Ooredoo Qatar and Mobily. A number of other major international players are also in the provisioning process and the names will be publicized on PeeringDB in due course.

The MN-IX IP port capacity between the different networks is continually growing, allowing more traffic to be exchanged across the platform, and this will enable it to continue attracting new networks to its platform, manage capacity growth and expand its global footprint.

Commenting on the growth Adel Al-Daylami, Chief Global Business Officer at Batelco said, “It gives us great pleasure to witness such an increase in traffic and data exchange, which forms a key milestone for the MN-IX platform. This highlights the platform’s capability to meet the capacity requirements of Internet and Content providers, as we have witnessed them expanding their services across multiple geographic locations, seeking to bring their data traffic closer to the end users. Through our platform, we are able to improve user experience and reduce latency for customers. Our goal is to develop MN-IX into a thriving interconnection platform and continue to support Bahrain’s vision for the Kingdom as a key digital hub.”

“Since its launch, MN-IX has been witnessing an increasing level of demand for bandwidth, which is clearly demonstrated by the increase in internet traffic volume and recently achieved peaks. Batelco’s cable infrastructure enables members of MN-IX to peer with others, to exchange data in a cost-effective manner, and to retain data locally, creating an optimized experience for their end users.”

“Batelco Global is keen to offer a comprehensive portfolio of services enabling carriers, ISPs, content and service providers to quickly and easily increase their network footprint and achieve their digital growth goals,” Mr. Al-Daylami added.

MN-IX plays an essential role in developing and enhancing the infrastructure of internet services, both in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region. This stems from Batelco’s efforts to provide the best technologies and solutions to ensure that users are provided with an optimal experience and a seamless data exchange and is in line with Batelco’s commitment to support Bahrain’s vision to be a key digital hub in the region. To learn more about the Manama Internet Exchange platform, please visit