Batelco Gulf Network Transforms to Batelco Global Network

February 17, 2019

Batelco, the leading provider of digital solutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain announced that Batelco Gulf Network, an international cable system which was launched last year to provide the GCC region with an additional option for regional and international connectivity solutions, has expanded into Europe and been transformed to Batelco Global Network (BGN). The network, which runs over a protected state-of-the-art optical transport network (OTN), meets the demand for reliable high bandwidth connectivity and capacity serving the different needs of global services and customers while supporting very high capacity.

Batelco has chosen Marseille to host its network where it has deployed multi service nodes using high capacity optimized routes to provide the shortest latency, as it has garnered a reputation as the fastest growing interconnection hub in Europe over the past three years. Marseille is an interconnection hub for the world’s leading businesses, and hosts a number of data centres and gateways to emerging markets and landing stations for major continental subsea cables.

Batelco Chief Global Business Officer Adel Al-Daylami commented, “This step will facilitate the provision of new and innovative services for the growing digital economy, which will support the efforts of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the GCC in the field of communications. Batelco’s comprehensive plans are designed to support the establishment of a robust national and international infrastructure. We are committed to strengthening our delivery to contribute towards Bahrain’s presence as a major ICT hub, and we hope to build on this platform to ensure future success.”

With consumers and businesses across the GCC consuming more bandwidth from both local and international providers, BGN addresses the demand. The expansion also enables Batelco to enter into new markets and extend its portfolio of services into Europe and beyond.