The new mixed Mobile package with Postpaid & Prepaid combined benefits.

Manage your Mobile line budget by getting the shared benefits of Postpaid and Prepaid in one package that suits your needs.

What is Mazeej?

Mazeej is a Mobile package where customers get a fixed monthly bill and also have the ability to top-up their lines with Prepaid SimSim vouchers for any additional usage.

Mazeej Packages BD 7
Data 4G LTE limited
+ 8GB bonus for the first 3 months of subscription
Free Local Minutes
to all operators
Local Call Rates 37 fils (Prepaid Balance)
SMS Rates 26 fils (Prepaid Balance)
Contract Non-contracted
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Refill Mazeej

By refilling your Mazeej line with a Prepaid SimSim voucher, you can enjoy different Batelco services including:

  • Additional local calls
  • Additional data
  • SMS
  • International calls
  • Roaming calls and data add-ons


When using Mazeej line from your Prepaid balance, a charge of 37 fils per minutes and 26 fils per SMS will apply.

The International call rates will be as per the Prepaid SimSim IDD rates.

What happens after fully consuming the benefits of the package?

Once running out of the provided 500 calling minutes and 8GB data, or when in need of other services, subscribers won’t be able to makes calls or use the Internet and be billed for it later. Alternatively, they can refill Mazeej line with a Prepaid SimSim voucher and enjoy all services.

How to Refil Mazeej Line?

You can simply refill your line by purchasing a Prepaid SimSim voucher, then dial *125*voucher number#.

For additional data threshold, you will need to purchase a data bolt-on.

How to check your Balance?

To check your remaining balance, dial *122#
For the remaining minutes balance, dial *122*44#
For the remaining data balance, dial *888*1*1#

* Terms & Conditions apply.

* All stated prices are inclusive of VAT at 5%. Starting from January 1st 2019