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Batelco Business in a Box


Why is the box an SME must-have? 

Batelco Business in a Box is a one-stop shop from the Kingdom’s most trusted digital solutions provider to get your business up and running

Batelco Business in a Box empowers your business, irrespective of its size, and will have your business:

  • Enabled with the most essential digital tools
  • Running a tech-savvy operation to your advantage

What’s in the box?

A game-changer for small and medium size businesses 

Business devices

A robust selection of laptops, office printers and more to choose from.

Office productivity software

with Microsoft 365

Cloud storage, file sharing and collaboration

through OneDrive & Teams

Personalized business email

Microsoft 365 & Outlook for a professional digital identity.

Point of Sale system

with a basic option or a more advanced cloud-based system

CCTV monitoring

To keep an eye on your business operations and comply with regulations

Batelco Business in a Box Benefits

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