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Mobile Broadband


Get internet on the go, wherever you are

Batelco’s Mobile Broadband lets you enjoy blazing fast internet wherever you are with a dedicated SIM and mobile broadband device.

Postpaid Monthly Mobile Broadband Packages

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Package Threshold
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Netflix Streaming
Unlimited for 3 Months
Throttle Speed
1 Mbps
SIM Sharing
  • Prices are inclusive of VAT.
  • Fair Usage Policy applies. Terms & Conditions Apply
  • **The speed depends on availability in the area and the used device.

Postpaid Mobile Broadband Vouchers

Prepaid Monthly Mobile Broadband Starter Packs

  • * 100GB is available on the first month only.
  • Limited Offer.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband Vouchers

For extra data usage, you can refill your line with one or more than one Mobile Broadband vouchers at a time starting from BD1. Enjoy our Data thresholds up to 60GB

On consuming full data, data access will be stopped temporarily until the next refill. In order to continue enjoying the Data services refill your line with the current available Prepaid Mobile Broadband vouchers.
Terms & Conditions Apply

To refill , dial *125*PIN# or use any of our

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