Batelco Gold Sponsor of the Amazon Web Services Summit (AWS) in Bahrain

October 1, 2018

Batelco participated in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit, which was held for the second consecutive year in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Amazon Web Services Summit is considered one of the most prestigious summits in cloud computing and is held in major cities around the world, attracting technologists from all industries and skills who want to discover how AWS can support them innovate quickly and deliver flexible, reliable solutions at scale.

Batelco was a Gold Sponsor at the event, which came in line with the company’s pride in its partnership with Amazon Web Services. During the summit, Batelco presented a cloud computing connectivity solution under the title of ‘Let’s Call’ in a joint venture with Amazon.

The event coincided with Batelco’s completion of upgrading the cloud computing network with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Partner Network (APN) consultants to become an advanced APN partner in Bahrain. This milestone is a key step in the company’s strategy for digital and cloud computing.

Bahrain Batelco CEO Mohamed Bubashait expressed the importance of Batelco’s partnership with Amazon to support the cloud computing sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain and enable various organizations to benefit from this technology, including cost reduction, flexibility in work, ease of data organization, upgrade in efficiency and much more.

“Batelco is keen to take advantage of this partnership and the resulting experience to benefit the ICT sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and we seek to achieve the objectives of this partnership by enabling large companies, small and medium enterprises, businessmen and government institutions alike to benefit from cloud computing, in the era of digital technology and the policy of economic diversification in the Kingdom of Bahrain” he commented.