bwallet Launches New Value Added Services: International Money Transfer and Mobile Top Up

February 18, 2019

Batelco and Arab Financial Services (AFS), have launched two new, seamless international services on the digital mobile wallet bwallet: International Money Transfer and International Mobile Top Up.

bwallet’s new, secure, convenient and seamless International Money Transfer Service allows users to send money to bank accounts, eWallets or individuals in Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka – all with the click of a button on their phones. Additional countries will be added in the coming months.

bwallet’s International Money Transfer Service uses the innovative Mastercard Send payment service. The first of its kind in the Kingdom, Mastercard’s cross-border push payments platform facilitates the delivery of funds quickly and securely.

bwallet’s easy, convenient, efficient and secure International Mobile Top Up Service further expands bwallet’s digital services portfolio. bwallet users can now top up any international prepaid mobile phone account, all with the click of a button. The service is available in over 100 different countries, including neighbouring GCC states, and with almost 700 different operators across the globe.

Batelco General Manager Enterprise Abderrahmane Mounir said, “bwallet, the first of its kind in Bahrain to provide peer-to-peer money transfer, continues to grow in strength by adding value to all mobile users in the financial industry within the kingdom. The growing customer base has given us the opportunity to scale up and take bwallet to the next level by leveraging on the peer-to-peer service and develop international services whereby any mobile user can send funds and mobile prepaid top-ups to their family members and friends globally.”

“We are working very closely with our partners to add features that deliver value to mobile users for global services, and we aim to add additional new services in the future to engage our customers and deliver further enhancements and convenience,” he said.

AFS Chief Executive Officer, B Chandrasekhar said: “AFS’ market-leading technology brings two first-of-their-kind services to bwallet users in the Kingdom and this is one more strategic move for AFS in our ongoing mission to deliver innovative solutions of choice to consumers.”

“bwallet’s new international money transfer and international mobile top-up services offer superior, streamlined processes as we further empower our users while still maintaining all the controls and safety measures which we stand for as a company. We look forward to having bwallet users embrace these new, innovative, technology-driven solutions and hope to roll out many more such innovative offerings in the coming months,” Mr. Chandrasekhar noted.

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